Support Groups

Support Groups

Kiwi CRPS provides positive support groups to help connect all New Zealanders living with or supporting someone with, complex regional pain syndrome. 

We understand that CRPS can greatly limit your ability to get out of the house and deal with social interactions, thus increasing the feelings of isolation.

To help combat this our support groups are nationwide and are conducted primarily through Facebook, allowing us to connect to you anytime, anywhere. 

There are three main groups that can be applied to:

A group for Adults diagnosed with CRPS 

A group for those caring for and/or supporting Adults diagnosed with CRPS 

A group for parents who have children diagnosed with CRPS

What happens when you join

When you apply to join a Kiwi CRPS support group we will send you a questionnaire to fill in and return. Based on your answers we will add you into the group most suited to your needs. 

​We will also send out an information pack that is tailored to your situation and experience. While not suited to everyone, in this it includes a list of others in your area living with CRPS. We find that face to face meetings, where possible, are an invaluable tool and we do our best to facilitate these. To this end you are also invited to attend all Kiwi CRPS conferences, including all workshops and talks that are available. 

​For each support group we only accept New Zealanders who have a diagnosis of CRPS or those who are supporting someone with a diagnosis. There are other support groups out there for those who deal with other pain conditions and for those in other countries.